Solo Cello

If you can't imagine walking down the aisle without the deep and warm sound of a cello, you've come to the right place!

The Cello

The cello has enjoyed some well-deserved appreciation in popular media recently thanks to crossover groups such as 2Cellos, Apocalyptica, and The Piano Guys. These, and others, have brought attention not only to the instrument but to some of its great history, repertoire, and technical possibility and have inspired many to learn how to play!

Cobalt Classical Network

This is an aspiration of mine to connect the many skilled musicians in Humboldt County to venues and coordinators of events. My current network consists mainly of members of the Eureka Symphony and other classical musicians and instructors. It is possible I will expand this to include folk, rock, and other ensembles.


I have played in a chamber ensemble made up of members of my family since I was young. In 2016 we made a commercial album for Tantara Records of the music of Richard Faith. We have used the Woodsmusick name for many of our professional pursuits since.

My Experience

Hi, I'm Garrick! Dr. Woods works as well if you're into formality. I am a full-time professor at Humboldt State where I teach cello, bass, and orchestra. I also play principal cello for the Eureka Symphony.

While my training is extensive in the classical tradition, I have always enjoyed much of the music I h ear on the radio, in film, and in games. I played trumpet in jazz band and bass in an alternative rock band during high school. For most of my life I have tried to create my own compositions as well and have found it a rewarding experience. I am happy to put together arrangements of requested music for most events!

While regularly performing in a wedding quartets in Arizona and Utah, I witnessed what made these events successful (or unsuccesful) and what seemed like could have enhanced the experience. For my part, I am committed to providing a smooth and stress-free event for everyone involved.

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cellist, Garrick Woods
Garrick Woods, Cellist


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